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MGMT. Hi-Fi Fellows and Low-Fi Chicks.

Andrew VanWyngarden. Lollapalooza. Chicago. 2010.

[Via Spin does the top 20 photos of 2010.]


“Be childish. Be irresponsible. Be disrespectful. Be everything this society hates.”

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Former Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm Mclaren, passed away last Thursday, April 8, in a Swiss health clinic where he was being treated for mesothelioma.

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Despite persistent differences with the Sex Pistols, Mclaren’s influence on the Pistols, as well as on the punk rock movement as a whole, can not be denied. Mclaren is seen here donning a leather outfit with the iconic  British flag in the background, circa 1978.

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Mclaren in front of him and then-girlfriend, Vivienne Westwood’s, controversially-named London shop, Sex. Even more controversial were the clothes that the pair designed and sold, inspired by S & M culture.

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Punk Fashion by Malcolm Mclaren.

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Mclaren and the Sex Pistols, signing a contract with A&M Records in front of Buckingham Palace, April 10, 1977. (The band was sacked from the label a day later for their wild antics.)

R.I.P., Mclaren. You will be missed.

Let’s Go Retro

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According to Pollstar, Carly Simon just announced a challenge for fans to create a music video for her song, Your So Vain. That’s pretty random considering that the song came out in the early 70’s. It’s a cool idea though. I wonder if this will catch on with other artists. On another note, did anyone else know that Mick Jagger sung backup vocals for this song? I didn’t. And digressing ever so slightly further, why doesn’t his 17 year old daughter, Georgia, do something about that god awful gap between her teeth?

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Oh, the questions of life…

Anyways, here’s the original story from PollStar.

Top Ten Reasons I Want To Go To Coachella 2010

01 She and Him

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02 Florence and the Machine

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03 The Dirty Projectors

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04 Charlotte Gainsbourg

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05 The Soft Pack

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06 Owen Pallett

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07 The Cribs

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08 Spoon

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10 Portugal. The Man

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The Soft Pack

I recently bough the The Soft Pack’s newest album, The Soft Pack. Original title, right? It’s pretty good. Here’s the review by NME.

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Julian Casablancas covered in black leather, yes please.

Julian Casablancas. Lead singer of one of my favorite bands of all time. Nothing I could say about the man would do him justice. His lyrics. His leather jackets. His ability to incorporate the word “fuck” into any sentence without sounding like a complete tool. I just love the guy.

And the other night, I got the chance to see him perform solo at the 9:30 Club in D.C. The set list was ridiculously short, but other than that, he did not disappoint.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I wondered what kind of performance he would give without the rest of the Strokes to back him up. Well, Julian Casablancas (or J.C., as one guy from the opening band, Tanlines, called him) can hold his own. Yes, he did have a pretty large band accompanying him (5 guys and a girl), but the point is: here is a prime example of a guy from a band who can leave his band and still make awesome music.

To top it off, he came onstage dressed completely in black leather from head-to-toe. Boots, pants, jacket, everything.

I haven’t listened to the album, Phrazes for the Young, enough times to say what my favorite/least favorite songs are, but I really like this song, Glass. (I didn’t personally take this video, but its from the same show.)

video courtesy of SSLYBY123 on Youtube

Here is the song he opened with at the concert, and sadly, the only video I got before my camera died:

Note to self: Always charge camera before attending concerts.