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“Be childish. Be irresponsible. Be disrespectful. Be everything this society hates.”

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Former Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm Mclaren, passed away last Thursday, April 8, in a Swiss health clinic where he was being treated for mesothelioma.

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Despite persistent differences with the Sex Pistols, Mclaren’s influence on the Pistols, as well as on the punk rock movement as a whole, can not be denied. Mclaren is seen here donning a leather outfit with the iconic  British flag in the background, circa 1978.

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Mclaren in front of him and then-girlfriend, Vivienne Westwood’s, controversially-named London shop, Sex. Even more controversial were the clothes that the pair designed and sold, inspired by S & M culture.

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Punk Fashion by Malcolm Mclaren.

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Mclaren and the Sex Pistols, signing a contract with A&M Records in front of Buckingham Palace, April 10, 1977. (The band was sacked from the label a day later for their wild antics.)

R.I.P., Mclaren. You will be missed.